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Legal Pearls!

PEARLS OF WISDOM for avoiding Business Litigation

by Kelly Bagla, Esq.
Pearls of legal wisdom every business owner needs to know.

Legal Pearls! is a quick and easy read for the busy entrepreneur who just wants to avoid legal pitfalls and costly lawsuits that come with running a business. Kelly Bagla has brilliantly compiled 20 years of legal experience highlighting ways to avoid business litigation.

Attorney Kelly Bagla distills the legal information every business owner needs to know to avoid law suits and protect personal assets. Now every entrepreneuer can apply the very same legal steps and strategies used by top attorneys to avoid the hassle and expense of litigation.

  • Avoid costly business litigation.
  • Protect your hard-earned assets.
  • Be ready when legal issues arise.


Go Legal Yourself!®

Know Your Business Legal Lifecycle®

by Kelly Bagla, Esq.
Avoid legal pitfalls for your business from day one.


Go OWN Yourself!®

Unleash Your Greatness So You Can Own Your World

by Kelly Bagla, Esq.
It’s your time to grab the world by the pearls.

Bookkeeper School:

Pre-QB, How To Save Tax Dollars

by Gina D’Amore

So many of my clients cannot read the financial statements, they just know the vocabulary to ask for it. This tells me they don’t understand the beginning, because in accounting…the list you make in the beginning, in the end has numbers next to it. The Profit and Loss starts with the word Income, then has a number next to it. Understanding the words below income should be just as easy.

This book is meant to be a fundamental guide to what every business owner and 1099 contractor should know. How to save money on taxes, and how to use the tools QB has by starting with informed decisions.

This is must read so you can have an intelligent conversation with your accountant.